Our Upholstery Built from Scratch

In our upholstery workshop, we are proud to have the unique skill of producing one of a kind and fully-customized furniture not only in fabric but starting with the essential part – the frame. This personalized approach enables us to provide unmatched design and functionality, especially due to close cooperation with well-established frame makers such as Frank Chervan. Being synonymous with unprecedented strength and flexibility in customization options, Frank Chervan frames are a natural fit for our exclusive furniture pieces.

In collaboration with our artisans, we engage with the preferences of every customer, step-by-step beginning from the first blueprints to ensure that their ideas come into being. Whether you wish to make a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that becomes a focal point for your room or need some matching furniture that would fit ideally into your style and functionality preferences in order to furnish your home, our team leaves no stone unturned while paying attention even to the minutest details. By making sure we combine these top-notch frames with our vast choice of fabrics and finishes, we will give you furniture that not only appears stunning but also endures time itself.